Our Snorkel Spot in the Riviera Maya

When you sail the Caribbean Ocean and relax on the Catamaya you will get this tremendous relaxed feeling just taking in the colors, warmth and scenery.  This is all part of the journey to get to the snorkel spot. 

Once the boat has been secured on the mooring spot you will have your safety briefing and get fitted into your kit.  Our Dive master guide will explain the meaning of the reefs name INHA my house in Maya language. This area is protected so there will be a life jacket requirement while snorkeling. This is to ensure buoyancy and to keep guests from diving down and touching the coral and marine life here.

Different species of coral grow at different rates depending on water temperature, salinity, turbulence, and the availability of food. The massive corals are the slowest growing species, adding between 5 and 25 millimeters (0.2–1 inch) per year to their length. Branching and staghorn corals can grow much faster, adding as much as 20 centimeters (8 inches) to their branches each year. Imagine how many people visit this reef each day (Around 200 in high season) And if all these people were to touch or accidentally kick the reef, the damage would be terrible. 

You can expect to see tropical fish as well as corals here, sting rays and if you are lucky a green sea turtle!  We hope you sail the paradise and enjoy your snorkel with the Catamaya.