A Slide & Tiki Bar in the middle of the Caribbean

Sometimes here the trade winds roll through our slice of paradise in the Caribbean, and are not always to our favor. Although sailors for centuries have been using trade winds for great expeditions and voyages, we find our guests prefer a more tranquil adventure! So when it is "choppy" we find our guests prefer to be in a protected area of a lagoon. 

This is not too far from port, and although it is not a snorkel reef spot you can still put on a mask and have a look if you like! Mainly we find our guests like to enjoy this lagoon for its beautiful views of the beach, the luxury house in the distance and the marvelous mix of salt water and cool cenote springs coming through the sand to create a mix of warm and cool, as you swim around you will probably notice this! The water slide is also available for fun in this area as is our floating tiki bar!

Grab a floatie and make your way over to the tiki bar where you can take a seat or float around while enjoying the service of being served nice cooling beverages. We also grill your lunch here and you can relax both on board and in the water.  We hope to see you soon in paradise!